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Artist Residence Enchantingwind Since 2016

We are creating healing, mindful, meditative, green-sustainable artist residence in Andes where artists could meditate and immerse in art. It is a space for the people (not necessary only artist) to reflect, explore and expand, and dip in to a creative, meditative self. 

mayaMy name is Maya, a keeper/founder of Artist Residence Enchantingwind in Andes. I have always felt a deep connection with the natural world and incorporates nature into my art work whenever possible. In 2009 I rode on the strong wind for another transforming from New York City  to Vilcabamba, a small cosmopolitan village in southern Ecuador where I reconnected with Andes Nature and the peace in me.

Also, I am extremely fortunate to live in this magical place, atop a hill overlooking the Podocarpus National Park and Vilcabamba Valley. This is indeed an enchanted mountain with the wind, morning mist, clouds, moon and sun all in harmony. I call this special mountain place ‘EnChantingWind’. EnChantingWind faces both significant mountains in Vilcabamba; Mandango (also known as the Sleeping Inca) representing masculine energy, and its feminine counterpart, La Guaranga. Ying and Yang is in perfect balance.

Now I am toward supporting and providing encouragement, harmony for fellow artists and people those who need it while creating green-sustainable mountain meditation center. Any of you are welcomed here by the mountain if you are willing to be healed and practice mindfulness and awareness . The mountain will help you. That is for SURE! So, would you like to join me? Or if you have any question please ask Maya.

We gratefully accept your kind-generous donation If you want to be part of creating the Healing Mountain.

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