Artist Residence Enchantingwind Since 2016

We are creating healing, mindful, meditative, green-sustainable artist residence in Andes where artists could meditate and immerse in art. It is a space for the people (not necessary only artist) to reflect, explore and expand, and dip in to a creative, meditative self. 


mayaMy name is Maya, a keeper/founder of Artist Residence Enchantingwind in Andes. I have always felt a deep connection with the natural world and incorporates nature into my art work whenever possible. In 2009 I rode on the strong wind for another transforming from New York City  to Vilcabamba, a small cosmopolitan village in southern Ecuador where I reconnected with Andes Nature and the peace in me. Now I am toward supporting and providing encouragement, harmony for fellow artists and people those who need it.Any of you are welcomed here by the mountain if you are willing to be healed and going into mindful, meditative yourself. The mountain will help you. That is for SURE!

Also, I am extremely fortunate to live in this magical place, atop a hill overlooking the Podocarpus National Park and Vilcabamba Valley. This is indeed an enchanted mountain with the wind, morning mist, clouds, moon and sun all in harmony. I call this special mountain place ‘EnChantingWind’. EnChantingWind faces both significant mountains in Vilcabamba; Mandango (also known as the Sleeping Inca) representing masculine energy, and its feminine counterpart, La Guaranga. Ying and Yang is in perfect balance.


We gratefully accept your kind-generous donation If you want              to be part of creating the Healing Mountain.

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