Silence Nature Healing Retreat


This video is created by Maya to rise the nature awareness. The video is consisted of music writeen by Korean musicians 김수철(, 김영동( and a Japanese musician Keiho Fukuda (, Atlantia (Album Version) – Secret Garden and video clips taken by ARE’s November 2017 artist Boris Joens. Although Maya loves those music she does not have a copy right of the music.


Body, Mind & Spirit in Balance

Living the way of Tao-Artist Residence Enchantingwind in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Seclusion in Nature for listening and dreaming but without isolation.


3 to 5 days – Detox – Nature Healing Retreat with Maya


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 In the mountain

In the mountain one should be free from people,
Shut off the trick of nonsense in the verbal language and just be able to get back to part of nature,
draw back eyes, ears, thoughts from outside to inside of you.

Simply look ahead casually its surroundings with an open mind,
Put down the complex ideas and listen to the breath of nature in the most peace of mind.

Reflect how far one has been lost in the human language, as a deaf and blind.
Reflect if one has not forgotten her own face while only looking at faces of others.

Should not be deprived by talks of others but see and listen with her own eyes and ears,
Otherwise one can be lost forever in her life and not able to fulfill his or her life,
Nature accept, cleans and let rest. We simply need to be closer to its arms.