Artist Residence Cabin for Rent

Hello there Wind, please blow me to Korea!!!








I am going to Korea to learn something in the Buddhist temple. So I am renting out the cabin for 5 months.

Magical place, atop a hill overlooking the Podocarpus National Park and Vilcabamba Valley, this is indeed an enchanted mountain with the wind, morning mist, clouds, moon and sun all in harmony. Artist Residence Enchantingwind(ARE) is for the people who just want to immerse into themselves and the nature. It is a great place to meditate, create art or just wonder around mountains, NOT a place for entertainment.

We don’t have the conventional electricity but we have small solar panel for use of internet and a small generator for use of washing machine and charging laptop. But it might not be enough when it’s heavily over-casted. So, it is good idea to bring a portable solar panel to charge your own laptop if you have one, especially writer who use computer a lot to write.

You are going to wake up when the sun comes up. You are going to bed when the sun goes down. I believe It is great way to harmonize your body and mind with nature.

You can get to ARE by a taxi or walk. The road comes up to my house. It takes about 30min from town(Vilcabamba) and cost $15.  I normally walk from bottom of mountain to my house taking about 1 hr, great exercise.

Artist Residence (earthy-eco cabin) for Rent

  • $250 per month from March to July for 5 months.
  • Internet included, furnished, hot shower

Is there anyone love silence in the nature or willing to be for some while?



House Keeper.