Basic information

This is Maya from Andes Mountain Artist’s Residence in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Thanks for coming to read this page. Sometimes I wonder if living in such a beautiful place is a blessing or a curse!  Something that’s too beautiful can touch the realm of sadness and make one question whether it’s ever possible to truly appreciate her beauty – the beauty of Nature – as she deserves. I believe that this beauty should be shared with others who can give something back to Nature through their artistic endeavours and so this is my ‘call’ for those Artists. Thanks for responding to the ‘CALL’.

Thank you for your interests in ARE. I thought it would be useful to provide you with some basic information regarding the day to day reality of life ‘off grid’. Yes we are off grid.



Accommodation is provided.  Check out our airBnB site to see the photos.

Transportation (including air fare) and Food is on artist.
We do not have a refrigerator. We eat from the bounty of our small vegetable garden and bring additional supplies up from the town when it’s needed. The taxi fare is $15 each way, so a round trip will cost $30. I walk down the mountain to go to town (about an hour’s walk) and then return by walk with my supplies in my backpack. I am used to doing this but it may be a challenge for you depending upon your fitness level, willingness to explore or bank balance!

Weather here is almost like spring all year around. However some month is windy, some month is dry, some month is wet. April is the end of Wet season. So the mountain is green and still a lot of beautiful magical mist in the morning. October is the end of dry season, so the mountain is still dry. It is simply beautiful to be in the mountain. ARE is on about 1900m from sea level. Therefore we don’t have so many mosquitoes but there’s tiny sand flies. They will bite you if you don’t cover your ankles and arms.  You need clothing for spring(light long pants, light long sleeves shirt) and hiking shoes.

We have a limited electricity supply, relying  on a small solar panel with a back-up generator.  This allows us to run an internet receiver and recharge our phones. We also have a small generator which is used once a day to recharge laptops. If your artistic method requires heavy on electricity, the ARE may not be suitable for you.  

Art Materials
I suggest that you bring your own art supplies with you; general materials such as paints, brushes, canvases, etc are available for purchase nearby but the selection can be limited. If your medium requires special materials you will need to bring them with you. I have plenty of clay and wood for ‘pit fire pottery’, although I do not have a potter’s wheel yet. If you’re interested, there’s an electric kiln in town that is available.

Your Art Exhibition
After your month’s stay at ARE, if you wish to exhibit your work in Vilcabamba I(Maya) will arrange one for you on your expense.

Some of the above information may sound a little challenging, but I truly believe that the challenge will reap great rewards for your continuing life journey and you will only gain from the experience.