mayaThe vision?

The vision of Artist Residence Enchantingwind(ARE) is to create spaces for other artists to reflect, explore and expand, somewhere to take time and space out of their busy lives and dip in to an alternate and  creative, meditative self. Artists come, stay and immerse themselves for periods from one week to three months.

I am extremely fortunate to live in this magical place, atop a hill overlooking the Podocarpus National Park and Vilcabamba Valley. This is indeed an enchanted mountain with the wind, morning mist, clouds, moon and sun all in harmony. I call this special mountain place ‘EnChantingWind’. EnChantingWind faces both significant mountains in Vilcabamba; Mandango (also known as the Sleeping Inca) representing male energy, and its feminine counterpart, La Guaranga representing female energy. Ying and Yang is in perfect balance. Local lore has it that because the mountain of EnChantingWind forms a triangle with Mandango and La Guaranga, the Incas believed it to be a sacred ceremonial site.