Buddha yoga workshop with MooWorl

Buddha yoga workshop with MooWorl

Hello Friends in Vilcabamba,

I’d like to invite you to Buddha yoga class.
I have been practicing Buddha yoga last 6 month and meantime I went to Korea to learn it more deeply. The more I practice it the more I feel good and beautiful physically, emotionally, as a whole.

My buddha yoga teacher is here visiting Vilcabamba and we’d like to share it with you even its just for 2 hours at community center in Vilcabmaba. Hope to see you there.

Here’s information about it.

Buddha yoga workshop
June 22 (Thursday), 11 am-1 pm
Cost: $ 10 (50% will be donated to the community center)

-Sitting yoga
-Standing Yoga
-12 waves of nature
-D.D.M (Dhyana dance for meditation)

*** Bring your yoga mat and water