Art Space Opening

An awesome turn out !
With all your support it turned out big.
Thank you so much for coming out to support the art community in Vilcabamba.
We open,
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
 from 10:30am to 5pm
If you’d like to look at the art again in a bit more quiet atmosphere come by.
We serve Tea and the drip […]

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A Photographic Documentary by Edmundo Morales

The book “Indigenous Andean Hats and Headdresses: Tradition, Identity, and Symbolism [Hardcover] can be purchased on Amazon.
Hats and Headdresses of the Andes by Edmundo Morales

 In the Caribbean and the north end of South America, pre-colonial natives went around naked or in dishabille at best. They wore plumes and painted their bodies as markers of […]

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Art Exhibition

You are invited.
Hello Art Lovers, Friends, and Neighbors,
This is Maya from Cafe Cultura.
I just want to softly remind you that tomorrow(Sunday) we will have an art opening reception at 4pm. All art works are hung ready for on view. And there will be an open music stage from 6pm. Anyone can play music and […]

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