Nature Healing Silence Retreat

Nature Healing Silence Retreat

Seclusion for listening and dreaming but without isolation in Nature

I am now opening Nature Healing-Silence-Tao(Dao)yoga -Meditation Retreat to share with you. You will loose nothing but gain profound experience.  I offer you this only by your request. If you are interested in retreating yourself from noisy world and being in Nature quietly for couple of day to 9 days then feel free to contact me at

More info for 3 days Silence Retreat please click on the link

Buddha yoga workshop with MooWorl

Buddha yoga workshop with MooWorl

Hello Friends in Vilcabamba,

I’d like to invite you to Buddha yoga class.
I have been practicing Buddha yoga last 6 month and meantime I went to Korea to learn it more deeply. The more I practice it the more I feel good and beautiful physically, emotionally, as a whole.

My buddha yoga teacher is here visiting Vilcabamba and we’d like to share it with you even its just for 2 hours at community center in Vilcabmaba. Hope to see you there.

Here’s information about it.

Buddha yoga workshop
June 22 (Thursday), 11 am-1 pm
Cost: $ 10 (50% will be donated to the community center)

-Sitting yoga
-Standing Yoga
-12 waves of nature
-D.D.M (Dhyana dance for meditation)

*** Bring your yoga mat and water