Living the way of Tao-Artist Residence-Open Call for April

Hello Buddhist and Artist out there,
This is Maya from a corner of our world called Vilcabamba, Ecuador where I live and create a place on Andean mountain for me and for others to have reflective-meditative- creative time within oneself. And I call this place EnChantingWind.

EnChantingWind offers you a cabin for 4 weeks of time(free […]

Retreat for Artists

To reflect, explore and expand, somewhere to take time and space out of your daily busy lives and dip in to an alternate and  creative, meditative self. So, come on and immerse yourself into Andes Nature for periods from one week to three months. You will definitely find something inside you.

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Handling Stress Storms in Life

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Your heart is thumping, palms are sweaty and your brain is a burning car driving downhill with no brakes for your thoughts. This is an experience of a category 5 stress response.

While such severe stress situations may be rare, in our day […]

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