Over the Lunch

A simple, Korean home cooking gathering to nourish body and mind

Every Friday from 11am-1pm


‘Over the Lunch’ series will open once a week with whomever wishes to join, and envisage it becoming a safe and open space where all subjects, beliefs and philosophies can be openly discussed if the spirit moves.

In a little over 2 hours I’ll introduce you to a few of my favorite Korean dishes, show you how to prepare the dishes, which we’ll then sit down and enjoy together.

Everyone is welcome and I know we’ll have fun, do a lot of laughing and come away with full tummies and some great knowledge.

The cost for the workshop will be between $8-$10, depending on the cost of ingredients, and will include coffee or tea and a printed recipe sheet.

Due to limited space the maximum guest number will be 6.

If you are interested in trying something a little different stay tuned for updates and menu selection.