Water colour class with Aquiles

Art Space ‘a breeze from the east’ intend to offer many art classes in 2017, staring with Beginner’s water colour class with Aquiles Salinas Ochoa.

aquilesAquiles is renowned artist. His paintings have shown in many galleries across the country including in Loja province.

Due to limited space the maximum number of participants will be five. So let me know as soon as possible if you are interested. You will get to practice art and Spanish at same time. Cool, isn’t it?

Beginner’s water colour class:

Starting from January 18 / for 4 weeks / every Wednesday / from 2pm-4pm
Tuition: $98 (Tea or Coffee and cookie included)


Water colour paints, brushes, and papers are needed. If you have your own bring yours. And for those don’t have the materials we have them ready for you to purchase.

Hope to see you in the class.
Thank you.
Maya from ‘a breeze from the east’.



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